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We work collaboratively with our clients to meet their business objectives and combine this with our own innovations to create accessible, dynamic and stylish websites.

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A Decade of Innovation

With over 10 years of experience as a provider of both modular and bespoke web solutions, Ehaus offer an extensive range of products and services. From stunning website design,to our hosting service and content management system, we ensure that you have a visually stimulating user interface, combined with a secure e-commerce environment to sell your products and the tools to keep the website content fresh and up to date.

Our committed team of designers and developers combine established web practices with the latest innovations like Ajax, Javascript frameworks and Web 2.0, to blogging and social media, video streaming and embedding Google maps.

Website Design

Working closely with you, we develop exciting, cutting edge website designs that meet your business objectives, brand guidelines that, promote understanding of your products and fulfills the needs of your users. We then construct the site integrating your pages into our powerful back-end systems and perform extensive testing ensuring your site is optimised for search engines whilst conforming to accessibility guidelines.

Whether you have strong design ideas of your own, an established brand, or nothing more than a logo, we listen carefully and apply sound web design principles to the task of developing your online brand. And we also bring with us a wide experience of different types of content and advise on how best to bring your content to life.

Recent Design Work

View more of our client design work.

Application Development

Seedlings - grow your business

Experience tells us that no amount of "off-the-shelf" software or "versatile applications" are going to resolve your business needs all of the time. We're constantly being challenged to develop custom applications to suit the varying needs of our clients; from a web page archive, to a recruitment database, to a searchable PDF library, to an e-book shopping basket, you name it.

We always strive to develop applications that provide flexible solutions for our clients varying needs. We have over a decade of experience of creating software and web applications that enable and empower businesses to solve their business requirements, whilst constantly innovating our existing systems.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Accessibility

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines are the most commonly used resource by which internet users find the information they are looking for, around 75% of internet users find a website for the first time through a search engine or on-line directory, and so optimising your website for search engines should be an important part of any marketing strategy.

Ensuring that your website is optimised for popular search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo and Ask, and that your site also meets accessibility guidelines, will enable you to reach the widest possible audience and improve your search engine ranking.

You can find out more about this subject by viewing our Guide to Accessibility and SEO.

Content Management

Content makes or breaks a website. If it's fresh and relevant, you'll attract and keep an audience. But it can be time-consuming and costly to put in that effort.

That's why you'll need a good, easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS), one that interfaces with your product database, so you can easily create features at the front of your website. One that allows you to change critical commercial information like discounts at the drop of a hat; one that allows you to update text and images with minimal technical expertise.

Ehaus CMS gives you complete control over the content of your website. For a demonstration please contact us.

Key features

  • Hand-tailored to suit your requirements
  • Preview & separate development area
  • Mini-Templates for displaying items form your product database
  • Comprehensive email marketing software
  • FTP file transfers


The original guiding principles of a good e-commerce system remain unchanged: make it secure, and make it easy to use. However impressively you present your products to potential customers online, if you then send them off to buy elsewhere, or worse, you drive them to distraction with a tortured ordering process, you may end up losing the customer for good. Not to mention the sale.

The Ehaus E-commerce engine is the result of continual development over the last 12 years. It has evolved to address changing security requirements, to handle multiple currencies and languages, and the specific trading needs of our varying clients. We can provide you with a system that allows for an easy to search product catalogue to a smooth checkout system with a speedy fulfillment process.

Key standard features

  • Secure shopping cart and customer accounts
  • Order history and order status
  • Order routing to nominated fulfillment operation
  • Configurable rules for discounts, currencies and Postage & Packing

Hosting & Maintenance

Ehaus own a large and ever increasing number of high powered servers, on which all the websites we run are hosted. These servers live behind tight security in a co-location facility in Docklands, London, UK.

Hosting Features

  • Fast connection with the option of dedicated bandwidth
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring ensuring constant availability
  • Failover device that redirects visitors to a mirrored version of your website in case of hardware failure
  • Industrial strength firewall offering protection from damage to our network by hackers
  • Site statistics produced monthly
  • Maintenance and support for all content management software

Website Maintenance

  • Loading of a dedicated or shared database, either daily or weekly
  • Up to date network security patches and virus software ensuring protection from attack
  • Office hours support for all operational issues

Note: Service Level Agreements, which offer different levels of support and maintenance, are available by arrangement.

Blogging & Social Media

Creating an online identity means more than having your own website. Weblogs (or blogs as they are commonly referred to) and social media have become popular ways for businesses to expand their business presence, create dialogues with a wider audience as well as market products and events directly. Our experience in creating and implementing online strategies will help you to keep ahead of your competitors.


Having a blog allows you to quickly publish news stories, features, articles and interviews, you can even create online polls, embed video and automatically create RSS news feeds that are sent directly to subscribers. We can set up a blog for you, and style it to reflect your corporate identity, which is then fully editable by you or your colleagues, enabling you to add content as and when you need.

Social Media

The purpose of social media is to extend your branding and marketing communication beyond your website and offline presence through participation in various social media networks. If you are new to social media we can set up accounts for you with services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo and guide you through the process of editing and updating your accounts. We are also able to integrate content from social media websites into new or existing websites.

Email Marketing

Email campaign statistics screen shot

Publishing an e-newsletter is great way to keep your customers up to date with latest news, events and product releases whilst driving traffic to your website and converting more users to buyers. We can create a graphical e-newsletter template for you, based on your website branding, and host it on our Content Management System for you to easily update, ready to send to your opt-in email subscriber list.

You can also create an archive of past e-newsletters to ensure that old news items are archived when you send out new newsletters.

Product Database

Whether your aim is to drive sales through your website, market your products to a wider audience, or just reduce the costs associated with information distribution, the ability to provide an accurate and up-to-date online catalogue is your first and most critical requirement.

Information that changes as regularly as the information in your catalogue is a headache to look after, without the skills and efficiencies derived from years of handling high volumes of frequently changing data. As database specialists, this is what we're good at.

If it's English language books you want to sell, then we will already hold the data and images you need in one of our online bibliographic databases. Nielsen Bookdata's global data is available through daily updated Ehaus databases, subject to the appropriate Nielsen BookData licence or subscription.

If you need something else, supplementary data, or a specialist database containing information from another source, we are experts at dealing with large and complex data sets. And we won't just put the data online, we'll use database software that delivers high performance and functionality, making your information work for you.

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